XR5.0 Kick-Of-Meeting

The XR5.0 Project kick-off meeting, hosted by GFT ITALIA S.R.L., set the stage for advancements in Milan, Italy, on February 20–21, 2024! The consortium converged to underscore their contributions to this endeavour, reaffirming a collective dedication to reshaping the XR landscape.

The consortium engaged in substantive discussions, stimulating profound insights and fostering an environment conducive to advancements in extended reality technology. Central to these deliberations was the concept of XR applications empowered by artificial intelligence, poised to tailor experiences to individual worker profiles. The envisioned XR ecosystem adapts dynamically to worker competencies and contextual nuances, aligning with the ethos of Industry 5.0 across domains such as training, maintenance, and support.

Acknowledging the significance of the XR5.0 Project within the Horizon Europe framework, it not only assembles an alliance of experts spanning XR, artificial intelligence, big data, and Industry 5.0 but also actively seeks synergies with analogous initiatives across Europe.

Stay tuned for exciting updates as this project unfolds, showcasing the boundless possibilities of extended reality combined with artificial intelligence. XR5.0 has the potential to shape the future of industries, revolutionize training methodologies, and elevate support systems to unprecedented heights.

Have a sneak peek of the 2days Kick of Meeting in the following video: