The XR5.0 Project Kick-off Meeting

The Kick-off Meeting of the XR5.0 Project, organized by GFT ITALIA S.R.L. was conducted with huge success on February 20–21, 2024, in Milan, Italy!
The XR5.0 partners united to showcase their pivotal roles in this innovative project, reinforcing the shared goal of completely transforming the XR scene. Together, the partners' distinct viewpoints and areas of expertise created a potent force for collaboration.
The consortium had productive discussions that sparked creative ideas and opened the door for previously unheard-of breakthroughs in extended reality technology. These discussions mark the beginning of a journey towards creating XR cyber-representations driven by artificial intelligence and worker profiles. Imagine XR apps with the ability to adapt their content based on worker competencies and context, bridging industrial applications for training, maintenance, and support closer to the Industry 5.0 vision.
Thumbs Up The XR5.0 Project, under the HorizonEurope initiative, not only brings together a consortium of experts in XR, artificial intelligence, big data, and Industry 5.0, but it also actively seeks synergies with other relevant XR initiatives across Europe.

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